Setting a Higher Standard for Home Inspections.


Urbane Fix is a market leader in home inspections in Springfield & Southwest Missouri. Our team of highly trained and experienced inspectors provides the experience and professionalism you are looking for! We pride ourselves on providing a personalized customer experience and high level of customer service. Our job is to educate and assist you to better understand the existing conditions of your property. When the inspection is completed, our goal is to ensure you have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about the home you are buying or selling.

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors


More than just an inspection.


At Urbane Fix, our team provides more than just industry standard inspections. We provide peace of mind. Each home inspection provides us an opportunity to identify defects, teach you how to maintain your home, and respond to your individual concerns.  The experts at Urbane Fix provide the expertise required to empower you to purchase your home with confidence. 


For Buyers


Home inspections allow you to see beyond the walk-through, at the under the surface condition of the home. An inspection ensures that there aren’t any unwanted surprises, and the buyer can know exactly what they’re getting, so buyers can make a highly informed decision. 


For Sellers


Being equipped with a full knowledge of the condition of your home adds to your negotiating leverage. Be confident and empowered knowing you come to the table with full transparency and tangible proof of your home's viability and condition.









We have over 20 years of commercial and residential contracting experience and are NACHI Certified with hundreds of completed inspections. This is important because the state of Missouri currently does not have a standard or guidelines for home inspectors. What does that mean for you as a home owner? That anyone can call themselves a home inspector. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that you choose a company with values and integrity, and a real working knowledge of how homes are built. Urbane Fix is a family owned company with both. We aim to create a higher standard to support homeowners throughout Springfield and Southwest Missouri


  • They were very professional and timely. Also the detailed report saved us from investing in a property with some below the surface issues. Highly recommend and will use them again.
    — Keri DeWitt
  • The accuracy and attention to detail of the inspection was outstanding! I would recommend them to any new home buyer. I have heard some inspectors do the minimum, but they went above and beyond. Great company and definitely worth it!!.
    — Naomi Megown
  • We've referred Urbane Fix to several of our clients for home inspections recently, and every experience has been top notch. Not only are they very thorough, but they really take the time to make sure that our customers truly understand the home they're buying. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to be certain that the home they're purchasing is as good as it appears.
    — Brian Jackson
  • They did a great job. They thoroughly inspected my home and made me aware of all issues and things,to address. Very honest, reliable and down to earth. I highly recommend their services
    — Dustin Murry
  • As a REALTOR it is important for me to have a network of professionals to refer my clients to. Urbane Fix delivers thorough and clear inspection reports that my clients appreciate. I would recommend this company to clients and other real estate professionals.
    — Lisa Tantone
  • As a professional real estate investor, I dislike surprises after acquiring new properties. This is why I trust Vince at Urbane Fix to inspect properties under contract. I know UF will conduct a thorough inspection, so I'm completely aware of any potential issues with a property. The bottom line is that they save me money, eliminate future headaches, and provide confidence in the transaction.
    — Chuck Bailey
  • We had our home inspected by UrbaneFix right before closing and they were so professional! I love how they took photos of every little thing and let us know what we were getting into before hand. Luckily for us, we got a great home on our hands! But if we hadn't, I have no doubt that they would have the integrity and professionalism to let us know what we were dealing with!
    — Ameli Darling
  • Thorough, flexible, and professional. We had a couple of hiccups along the way that had nothing to do with Urbane Fix, but they put up with cancelations and rescheduling. In the end they were prompt, professional and extremely easy to work with. Thanks guys!
    — Scott Clark
  • Highly skilled professionals who provided a thorough and easy to understand report. Very glad we hired them.
    — Greg Sullivan
  • Vince and his group do an outstanding job on inspections and repairs. Having a construction background is very important for me for inspectors as they will recognize the good and bad of construction. Fast and through and works well with the clients. Thanks Vince
    — Mark Broadway