Born in Central Florida and raised in southern Missouri, Vince has been interested in buildings and architecture since childhood. That interest grew into projects around the house growing up and eventually a job with a small company doing remodels as a teenager. After that he worked in various trades in the industry learning along the way. From 2003-2011 Vince owned a small company doing construction projects big and small and building many great relationships. Following that he worked in commercial construction management. From that varied experience grew a desire to do something different and better in the industry. He felt like it was time for a change for the better and with help from friends Urbane Fix was born



Chris got his start in construction in rural Missouri at the age of seventeen.

It was then that he learned the meaning of quality craftsmanship, working to make the customer happy and the pride of a job well done.

  As he grew older he moved around through the different facets of the construction industry from working commercial carpentry to building custom pools.

For Chris doing home inspections was a logical next step in the process. Having a background in construction is a real advantage that allows him to find those things other inspectors might miss.